Radical Truth and Transparency

We uphold the principles of radical truth and transparency as fundamental pillars of our organization. We understand that to foster a real idea meritocracy, it is crucial to have an environment where everyone can see what is happening - the good, the bad, and the ugly. By being radically transparent about everything, including mistakes and weaknesses, we create an atmosphere that promotes learning, improvement, and effective decision-making.

Being radically truthful and transparent with our colleagues, and expecting the same in return, ensures that important issues are not hidden but openly addressed. It enforces accountability, encourages good behavior and critical thinking, as all ideas and logic can be openly assessed. By maintaining high standards through radical transparency, we strive for continuous improvement and growth.


Accountability is a core value at Cycles Consulting. We believe in holding ourselves and our team members accountable for their actions and decisions. By fostering a culture of accountability, we understand the importance of evaluating circumstances and individuals to assess whether there are opportunities for growth and improvement. We appreciate the value of constructive feedback and encourage open and honest communication to promote personal and professional development.

Pain + Reflection = Progress

We recognize that pursuing ambitious goals often involves encountering pain along the way. At Cycles Consulting, we embrace the belief that pain is a signal for growth and progress. Rather than avoiding or shying away from pain, we encourage a reflexive reaction that leads to reflection and learning. We understand that by reflecting on challenges, setbacks, and discomfort, we can uncover solutions and accelerate our development.